Thanks again, Haven Fencing!


If you own a dog, I’m guessing you can recall at least one time you had to walk up and down the streets of your neighbourhood trying to find it after someone left the gate open. In my case, our front gate was old and falling apart and so our dog escaped from the front yard all the time. Most of the time he comes back on his own but every now and then he doesn’t so we spend hours walking up and down the streets calling his name. No more, I thought. Time to get a decent front gate. I jumped online and did a bit of research, and I came across Haven Fencing. I gave them a call and they were able to come out to my house straight away for a free measure and quote. Not bad, I thought. The man that came out was very professional, and his quote was that good I accepted it on the spot. He came back the very next day and within an hour or two our new gate was installed and he even cleaned up the mess he made. If it weren’t for our brand new gate, you could never even tell he was there. Our pooch has no chance of running away now. For the most secure gates Melbourne wide, speak to Haven Fencing.

For designer dresses, shoes and more, head to Toscani


I work as a stylist in the fashion industry and it’s the greatest job I’ve ever had. Ever since I was a little girl reading my mum’s fashion magazines, I dreamed of working with models and styling them for runway events and things like that. I did a few design subjects at high school and then studied fashion at uni, and here I am! Some products from a great local boutique that I’ve been using in a lot of my shoots lately has been Toscani. Toscani specialise in designer clothes, shoes and handbags and you can see what they’ve got over at Their store is amazing, and I’ve bought more from there than anywhere else. Unlike most retailers and departments stores, Toscani is all about quality over quantity, and they’re very selective about the items they stock and the designers and labels that they work with. They’ve recently started selling their wares online, too, so it’s even easier to buy from them. Just the other day I did a photo-shoot with a couple of model friends of mine and I decked them out in some tops, jeans and jackets all from Toscani. If you’re looking for really great quality designer gear that won’t cost a fortune, check them out.

Savvy Accountants South Melbourne

We just went and met with our new accountants in South Melbourne this morning and the difference between Mead Partners and our old team is striking. They are really on top of all the latest software and tools available to small business owners and had some great ideas for us to operate more efficiently. It’s still sort of the courting phase where they are trying to win us over and if they keep things up like this I can tell we will have a long and happy relationship. (more…)

Where to get Asian Eyelid Surgery in Melbourne?

People get surgery for all sorts of different reasons, sometimes for functionality or aesthetics and sometimes for health. For me it was kind of a mix in deciding to get Asian eyelid surgery and I really wanted to find someone that was going to do a fantastic job. I had a clear idea of how I wanted to look and there’s nothing so influential as the eyes on facial appearance. (more…)

Philip Island Accom Sorted

I have a pretty rough week of work ahead and then a long weekend off before getting back into a really tough slog. I spoke to my partner about getting away for the weekend because we wont have a chance for a while. He really liked the idea and we decided on something easy like Phillip Island. (more…)

Removalist Gold Coast to Anywhere

A good removalist is a great thing to have in your back pocket. You never know when you’re going to need one and quality makes a big difference when you’re talking about movers. I like Woodhouse Removals because they are not only a removalist Gold Coast, they can take stuff just about anywhere in Aus for you and that is a real competitive advantage. The fact they can offer safe and secure transport of your possessions across thousands of kilometres shows they really know what they are doing and the staff are just about up to anything. (more…)

Commercial Storage, Ready When You Are

When it comes to commercial matters, efficiency and quality a re often a little more pressing than price. I still care about value for my business but I need something that will deliver what it says it will, when it says it will. (more…)

Don’t get lost in a sea of SEO in Australia

I am so appreciative to OnlySEO for raising my brand awareness online with a high Google ranking, as it sends more and more people to my website and shop. (more…)

Air Jack For Quick Jobs

We have a couple of hoists in the shop but for quick jobs we use an air jack because it’s faster and easier. You can pick up a decent air jack for four to five hundred bucks from someone like Tufflift. They can hoist a vehicle at least forty centimetres from the ground giving you plenty of clearance to get underneath and do what you have to. (more…)

Solar Heating Even on Cloudy Days

Solar heating for hot water and hydronic systems are remarkably efficient and comfortable ways to keep your home warm. Even in the height of winter when you can’t remember having seen the sun for days, these things keep ticking along without missing a beat. (more…)


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